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The Graduate and Registered Teacher Programmes are funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), and administered through Canterbury Christ Church University as the Accredited Recommending Body.

The TDA allocates a fixed number of places to Recommending Bodies each academic year. Schools apply for places and the University selects those that can offer trainees a quality training experience.

Salary Grant (Primary and Secondary GTP)

A salary grant may be awarded to schools to support the employment of a graduate trainee as an unqualified teacher. Schools are required to fund costs in excess of this amount (employers’ on-costs at 22%). To access a salary grant, the trainee must meet all the entry requirements of the GTP and must be employed in the school as a supernumerary unqualified teacher at a minimum of Point 1 on the Unqualified Teacher Scale.

Salary Grant payments are made to schools by CCCU in three tranches, in December, March and July.

Independent Schools

Independent Schools are not eligible for TDA Salary or Training Grants and must fund the full employment and training cost of the Programme.

There are no bursaries or 'Golden Hellos' available for trainees on Graduate and Registered Teacher Programmes, trainees are not elligable to take out student loans.