EdFest 2017

Come and join us at the University’s First EdFest from 29 June to 9 July 2017. We will be celebrating Regional, National and International partnerships through learning, research and knowledge exchange. We look forward to seeing you.


29 JUN

Young Arts Advocates Special Schools: Launch Event
9am | Augustine House

The Young Arts Advocates programme is an innovative arts programme which involves all of the special schools in the East Kent location which are part of the CLASS collaboration. The programme will aim to develop the arts accessibility and opportunities for the children within the schools, enabling them to consider questions around self-identity building awareness and confidence through the arts.

29 JUN

Generating Alternative Income: Fundraising and Voluntary Action in Primary Schools
6:30pm | Augustine House

In this seminar we debate new research by Dr. Alison Body (Canterbury Christ Church University) and Dr. Eddy Hogg (University of Kent) which examines fundraising activities in primary schools across Kent and Medway.

29 JUN

IQUEREL: Evaluation in Education: Chellenges and Alternatives
29th June - 1 July | Cathedral Lodge and Augustine House

This is a 3 day conference for invited delegates to explore issues in relation to external evaluation in schools and alternative approaches, including the Iqerel website. The conference will starting with a keynote presentation from Professor Michael Fielding.

30 JUN

The Current Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching Science
9:30am | Mecure Maistone, Ashford Road, Maidstone

Dr Heather King from King’s College will discuss current research into why some students do not do well in science. Heather will discuss strategies to address this problem, which is important issue for most secondary teachers. This will then be followed by a series of practical workshops.

30 JUN

Young Arts Advocates - Sharing Good Practice
4pm | Hempstead House

Teachers, teaching assistants, parents and carers, senior leaders and governors who have been involved in supporting the Young Arts Advocates programme for all of the Isle of Sheppey schools will join together to share some of the good practice that has been gained through Continuing Professional Development and the workshops and showcasing that have involved students aged from 5-18.

04 JUL

TeachMeet - Because We Do Know Best!
3:30 | Hall Place Foyer

Following the success of last year’s event, we invite you to join us for an informal gathering to share best practice, experiences, stories, innovations and to meet and network with other educators from the local area. A TeachMeet is an organised but informal meeting for teachers to share best practice, teaching innovations and personal experiences of teaching. It is arranged by volunteer teachers for teachers. Participants volunteer to discuss a strategy they have implemented over the past year, or discuss a product that has enhanced their classroom practice. This is the perfect opportunity to share, network and learn with your peers in an informal setting.

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05 JUL

Great British Science Club at Thorpe Park Resort
Thorpe Park

The British Science Association is celebrating 30 years of CREST awards, their flagship accreditation scheme for STEM projects for 5 -19 year olds. As part of this, Great British Science Club is celebrating all the great work that happens in STEM clubs and enrichment time both inside and outside the classroom through a flagship event at Thorpe Park Resort. Kent & Medway STEM (operated by CCCU) will be running a ‘Build a Roller Coaster’ workshop in the park, supported by STEM Ambassadors who include CCCU students and staff. All visitors to the park will have the opportunity to build their own roller coasters and consider some of the science, technology, engineering and maths behind their design, construction and operation.

07 JUL

Scholarship Day
9am | Old Sessions House

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Theme Leaders have designed an inspiring programme for colleagues in Education, which gathers together different aspects of the rich debate taking place in the Faculty about contemporary issues in education. This conference helps us re-energise and refocus on our academic passions and purposes, developing collaborative ventures and symbiotic research relationships based on common interests.

07 JUL

NICER International Conference Christianity, Education and Contemporary Culture
7th July - 9th July | Chapel / Laud

This conference is for those with a scholarly interest in Christian Education. A particular goal for the conference is to encourage the next generation of Christian thinkers by supporting those studying for a postgraduate degree or involved in post-doctoral research. The theme of the conference is reflection on the interaction of Christian Education with contemporary culture.


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08 JUL

Every Picture Tells a Story: An Exhibition of Work by those Challenging Stigma around Mental Health
The Beaney | Exhibition page

Meet the artists - come and join us on Saturday 8th July, 3pm-5pm to meet the people who met the challenge to explore their creativity, consolidate a creative identity and publicly display the results. With an aim to continue to challenge stigma and our own preconceptions about mental ill health, and focusing upon wellbeing and the healing nature of art, the Canterbury Art Studio group supported by Community Arts & Education and The England Centre for Practice Development will be exhibiting their work at The Beaney.


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