Consultancy Services

In addition to our programmes of full-time and part-time Higher Education courses, we also work with individual organisations to deliver in-company events designed to your own specification.

This service enables you to offer your staff a cost-effective training programme, delivered by university teachers with an up-to-date knowledge of the latest innovative thinking and techniques.

Designed and delivered by us at a time and place suitable to you, it provides you with a simple, 'hassle free' way of developing a highly skilled, motivated and reflective workforce.

All courses will be designed by teaching staff at the Centre for Career and Personal Development, Canterbury Chriist Church University.

The sessions are interactive, utilising a variety of approaches to learning. At the end of the sessions, participants are encouraged to identify their own individual learning outcomes and to develop personal plans for future development and progress.

Develop a Highly Skilled Workforce

  • On your own premises or a venue in your area
  • At a time convenient for you
  • With courses developed to meet your specific requirements
  • Using a cost-effective method
  • Designed and delivered by university teaching professionals.

Skills and Underpinning Theory

The following examples shows the range of work we specialise in, but the courses themselves would be designed specifically around your individual needs:

  • Introduction to the skills and strategies for working with smalll groups of clients.
  • Enhancing group work skills - new approaches.
  • Understanding different learning styles - the benefits for both practitioner and clients.
  • Careers education - developing engaging programmes.
  • Introduction to effective one-to-one guidance skills.
  • Enhanced guidance skillsl for experienced practitioners.
  • Exploring guidance theory and applying to practice.
  • Counselling skillls and strategies for more difficult clients.
  • Developing advocacy skills.
  • Working in partnership - improving and developing approaches.
  • Ethical practice - exploring, understanding and applying to work situations.
  • Dealing with angry clients.
  • Becoming a truly reflective practitioner.
  • Helping clients explore options and make decisions.
  • Working with families and carers.
  • Enhancing training skills.
  • Making Safer Connexions - safeguarding children and young people.
  • Attachment and psychodynamic theories - engagement and relationship-building with young people in a variety of contexts.

Supporting Your Staff

  1. Assertiveness
  2. Time management
  3. Working in teams
  4. Mentoring
  5. Supervision
  6. Research skills
  7. Assessment and feedback skills

Consultancy Fees for 2011-2012

The Centre's consultancy fees per day are related to the number of participants involved and are as follows:

Size of Group 1 - 20
Full Day £650 (6 hours)
Half Day £325 (3 hours)
Hourly £108

Consultancy fees for larger groups may be negotiated.

Charges are for consultation, preparation, all materials and teaching delivery.  These charges assume the venue is provided by the external organisation and do not include catering and refreshment costs.  Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the consultant / trainer will be charged as appropriate.

Fees are due within 30 days of receipt of an invoice.

Contact Details

To discuss your requirements and find out more about in company training, please contact Dr Hazel Reid by email| or telephone 033 3011 7082.