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Cambridge Primary Review

Cambridge Primary Review

The Cambridge Primary Review has been the most thorough-going independent review of education in England. It is one of its kind. Comparisons have been made to the Plowden Report of 1967 but its scope is far wider and the research studies underpinning it have been carried out over a far longer period.

The final report ‘Children, their World, their Education’ was published in 2010 and contains three major themes:

The Individual

  • Children's well-being
  • Engagement in learning
  • Empowerment, antonomy

Self, others and the wider world

  • Encouraging respect and reciprocity
  • Promoting interdependence and sustainability
  • Empowering local, national and global citizenship
  • Celebrating culture and the community

Learning, knowing and doing

  • Exploring, knowing, understanding and making sense
  • Fostering skill
  • Exciting the imagination
  • Enacting dialogue

These are big topics and big aims, not a quick fix that fits with the political dogma but deeply felt beliefs about education that are embedded within our society's aspirations for its children.