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How to Apply

Making an application

To apply for the PGCE applicants either submit an application via the GTTR or apply directly through the University. The method of application does depend on the particular PGCE for which an application is being made.

Institution Code Name: CANCC
Institution Code: C10
Campus Code for Canterbury: None required
Campus Code for Essex: E

Programme How to Apply References Deadline
PGCE Primary (full-time) Visit: gttr
Applications can be made from mid September
  1 December - late applications will only be considered if there are still vacancies after this date.
PGCE 7-14
PGCE 11-18
PGCE 14-19
Visit: gttr
Applications can be made from mid September
  There is no general closing date. Each
programme is closed when it becomes fully
subscribed but we would recommend that applications are submitted at the early recruitment cycle, as the later in the year that an application is submitted the fewer places are likely to be available.

PGCE Primary
Application form (pdf) Reference 1
Reference 2
No general closing date.
PGCE Modular Flexible Application form (word) Reference 1
Reference 2
No general closing date.
PGCE Post Compulsory Application form (word) Reference 1
Reference 2
No general closing date.

Completing the Application Form

Application forms are very important in the selection process.

You must:

  • Provide details of all courses taken in your degree or degree equivalent qualification, including percentages of total study time for each course.
  • Write a carefully proof-read and detailed personal statement which makes it clear why you want to become a teacher and what relevant experience you have.
  • Provide an academic tutor as you first referee.
  • Indicate how you have sustained your subject knowledge if you studied for your degree a long time ago, and choose someone who knows you in a professional capacity as your first referee.

To be selected for interview applicants must have a positive reference (and if relevant a degree prediction). Applicants must also be able to demonstrate recent experience in a school (at least ten days) and be able to analyse this in the personal statement of the application form. In selecting people for interview the University will also look at the applicant’s breadth of education qualifications. It is important to submit an accurate and well presented application.

The application process (Word)


The decision to invite an applicant to be interviewed is made by the relevant tutor based on the strength of the application and the reference.

Those selected will be advised of the format of the interview beforehand. The decision whether to offer a place is based on whether the applicant meets the following criteria:

  • A lively, enthusiastic personality.
  • Able to analyse recent experience of working with young children and to articulate it at interview.
  • Has a good depth of subject knowledge relevant to the curriculum.

The interview process is intended to help applicants confirm their decision to apply to the University as well as to help the University make its selection. The interview activities are challenging but we hope fun. Applicants are also supplied with information about the structure of the PGCE, teaching, learning and assessment on the programme, and school placements.

Interviews for the full-time PGCEs are usually held between November and June for entry in September. Interviews for part-time and modular routes are held in the periods before the start dates for these programmes that are staggered through the academic year.