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PGCE 7-14 years

PGCE 7-14 Structure, Subject and Course Codes

Do you love your subject, but want the breadth of teaching that primary teaching offers? Do you love working with the primary age range, but also want to develop a specialist subject which will enable you to teach in both primary and secondary schools? If so, then this may be the PGCE programme for you.

The PGCE 7-14 trains teachers to teach in both primary and secondary schools. It will train student teachers to:

  • Be primary subject specialists who can also teach across the curriculum at a time when many primary schools are utilising subject specialists in their timetabling and teaching at KS2
  • Be secondary subject specialists with a sound knowledge of primary practice, matching the direction in which curriculum at KS3 is traveling
  • Be specialists who can teach across the whole age range (e.g. as required in international or independent schools)
  • Understand and manage transition from KS2 to KS3
  • Be flexible enough to move between phases of education

We believe that the programme offers an exciting opportunity for those who qualify to make a unique contribution to the education of children and young people. Indeed, part of the mission of the programme is to enable teachers who qualify to ease the transition of pupils between these two stages, and to help policy and practice in both stages come closer together.

Why study at CCCU

The PGCE 7-14 at Canterbury Christ Church University offers the greatest range of specialist subject options for this kind of course in the country. There are eight specialist subject pathways available: English, Geography, History, Mathematics, MFL, PE, Religious Education, Science.