Sport Scholarship Scheme

The University offers Elite and Performance Sport Scholarships, ranging from £400 to £1500 per annum to sports people in any sport.

Students awarded a Sports Scholarship will be expected, as far reasonable, to represent the University throughout the duration of their studies as a three year undergraduate student. The selection for the Scholarship will be by the University's Sports Scholarship Committee.

What will a Sports Scholarship offer me?

  • Financial award from University and sports club partner, this will be provided in stages throughout the year.
  • The University will provide fitness centre training facilities for general fitness training in association with their formal training and development.
  • Student support to assist with balancing academic workload and training requirements.
  • Media promotions of achievements.

You will receive a letter confirming if you are successful / unsuccessful as soon as the Sport Scholar Review Group has made a decision.

Can I apply to be a Sports Scholar?

Prospective undergraduate degree students may apply.

Applicants for the sports scholarships scheme would be individuals who have demonstrated significant sporting talent.

Applicants would normally fit the criteria as detailed below and must submit an application form located in the how to apply section.

References are required to be uploaded at the application process.

Scholarship awards will be made subject to confirmation of performance level as soon as possible after your registration at the University.

The assessment may be made by an internal or an external performance coach or equally qualified representative of the University.

Sports Scholarship requirements

  • Representation at County level or equivalent level is a minimum requirement.
  • You must satisfy the normal University entry requirements and be registered on an undergraduate degree programme.
  • Sports Scholars must make satisfactory progress within their academic studies.

The above are guidelines for the sports scholarship scheme for both academic and sporting levels. It is not guaranteed that you will be selected for the scheme if you meet all the above criteria.

Apply for a Sports Scholarship.


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