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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Use the skills and expertise of a recently qualified graduate to help your organisation develop.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a national flagship government funded initiative helping companies with high growth potential to take advantage of university expertise.

How it works

Most KTPs involve three partners: your business, the University and a recently qualified graduate. You all work together to establish a project that will deliver a tangible business benefit and access the funding.  

Success story

Developing new business model is child's play A Knowledge Transfer Project helping children and families organisation

Once the KTP is set up, the graduate works within your business, jointly supervised by you or one of your employees and a senior academic from the University, for anywhere between three months and three years. They become part of your business team, and bring the added benefit of access to the University’s skills, expertise and facilities.

With government sponsorship, many businesses get all this for less than the cost of a new recruit.

What you can gain from a KTP

Up to 60% of the cost of a partnership could be sponsored by the government
  • Access to highly qualified individuals to take the lead on new projects
  • Access to experts who can help take your organisation forward
  • Cost effective business development - up to 60% of the partnership costs are funded by a government grant
  • Innovative solutions to help your organisation grow