Peer Supervision

What is Peer Supervision?

Peer supervision groups provide space for individuals to reflect on their practice, whether professional or managerial.  An effective group provides a supportive environment in which peers can share experiences and problems, identify solutions and implement them at work.  The shared objective of all members is a desire to improve quality of practice across the organisation.

Peer supervision groups work best with six to eight members who are committed to meeting regularly.  Critical to their success is creating a safe environment in which individuals are able to challenge and support each other.

Groups work best when they are facilitated at the beginning.  Salomons can help the group to establish itself and develop relationships built on mutual trust and support.  We will also ensure the necessary skills are transferred to members to enable them to sustain the group effectively in the future through self facilitation.

What Salomons can do for you

Peer supervision groups can be set up in-house or across different organisations for staff who share similar roles.  Thought needs to be given in advance to issues such as

  • how members will be recruited into the group
  • the role of the facilitator – are they there for the life of the group or is there an expectation that the group becomes self facilitating?
  • agreeing ground rules and a contract for working together
  • frequency, duration, venue and structure for meetings

Salomons has worked with organisations to set up peer supervision groups and provided training so that members can get the most from their groups.
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