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"Year 1 is the foundation for all that follows" (Dr Leonie Hicks, Year 1 coordinator)

  • The History programme at Canterbury Christ Church - the BA Single Honours History and BA History Combined Honours - is based around three key perodizations: the medieval, the early modern, and the modern/contemporary.  In Year 1, students get to sample all three periods, along with archaeology, and, in this way, they are then able to make an informed choice about the modules they wish to study in their next two years.  With such an emphasis at A-level these days on narrow areas of modern history - especially the Nazis - the History programme believes it is vital to expose new students to as wide a range of History (or "Histories") as possible, especially medieval and early modern history and archaeology.  The time to do this is in Year 1, the foundation year of the degree programme.

"Our range and flexibility are among our great strengths" (Professor Jackie Eales, Director of Research)

  • Having said this, the flexibility of the History programme is such that, in years 2 and 3 (the years which contribute directly to the degree outcome), students can either concentrate the bulk of their efforts in the medieval, the early modern or the modern/ contemporary periods, or else opt for an approach that blends all three.
  • Our undergraduates range from "single honours" historians (who immerse themselves in the discipline) to "combined honours" students who study a second subject alongside History.
  • In addition, the department is home to a growing archaeology programme which includes both practical and theoretical elements.  Students may choose to combine our archaeology modules with history modules in order to complete a degree in "History with Archaeology", or take a smaller number of archaeology modules as part of a single honours History degree.

"Teaching and Research go hand in hand" (Professor Kevin Ruane)

  • The History team are Christ Church are committed to putting the student learning experience at the top of their list of priorities.  At the same time, the History team does not comprise merely teachers of history but professional historians and archaeologists in their own right with an impressive track record of publications on areas ranging from Early Medieval Christianity, Medieval Noblewomen, and the English civil war, to modern-themed works on the Cold War, the Vietnam conflict and the Northern Ireland Peace process.
  • But research is not conducted in a vacuum; on the contrary, the research specialisms of the historians and archaeologists feed into their undergraduate teaching in such a way as ensure that all modules reflect the latest developments across a range of historical areas from the Roman Republic to the Cold War.

"In a very real sense, the future for our students begins with the past" (Dr Stephen Hipkin, Head of History and American Studies)

  • Finally, we are very conscious that we are also preparing our students for life after university.  Their three years with us - years, we trust, of exciting and rewarding study, culminating in a graduation ceremony in the wonderful and appropriately historic setting of Canterbury Cathedral - form the launchpad for their future careers.   In conjunction with the university's careers and employability team, the historians and archaeologists aim to encourage and support our students as they begin to map out career paths.