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Archaeology overview

The archaeology programmes at Christ Church have been going from strength to strength in recent years, and we now offer two exciting degree options - Combined Honours Archaeology|| and Single Honours History with Archaeology||. Our newly validated combined honours programme in Archaeology and History is perfect for students looking for a truly interdisciplinary university experience; it integrates hands-on practical experience of archaeology with the detailed study of societies and cultures from early prehistory through to the present day. Other popular combinations include Archaeology and Geography, Archaeology and Forensic Investigation, and Archaeology and English. For students wanting to focus more on History our Single Honours History with Archaeology enables you to study Archaeology as a "minor" subject alongside History.

Archaeology is the study of the human past through material evidence. It is a fascinating and broad subject, and our programmes offer students a grounding in both the practical and theoretical sides of the discipline. Throughout their degree students develop a broad spectrum of technical and academic skills which draw from both natural sciences and the humanities. Thus whilst archaeology is a fascinating subject in itself, it also introduces skills which are relevant to a wide variety of career paths.

There are several thousand professional archaeologists in Britain, and our Combined Honours Archaeology programme equips you with the skillset necessary to pursue such a path. In addition, study of archaeology introduces you to skills which are relevant to a range of career paths in both the commercial and public sectors, particularly in areas of education, heritage, media, conservation, museums and tourism. The programme also provides you with an excellent basis for going on to study at postgraduate level.

All members of the archaeology team are active researchers. For example, since 2012 the Department of History and American Studies has been home to the Dinas Powys Revisited’| project which led to the rediscovery of an early medieval royal centre in south-east Wales.  The research specialisms of our archaeologists feeds into their undergraduate teaching in such a way as to ensure that all modules reflect the latest developments across the discipline.      

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What will you study?

In Year 1, all Archaeology students - Combined Honours, History with Archaeology Single Honours - take Archaeological Skills. This module introduces you to the discipline of archaeology. It provides you with essential research skills, and prepares you for further study by introducing key archaeological theories and methods. The other Year 1 modules consist of broad surveys of the major timeperiods that you will encounter in Year 2 and Year 3, namely the prehistoric, Roman, and medieval periods. These introductory modules not only provide you with a solid grounding in important areas of the past, but allow you to make considered judgments as to which modules you will take in your two subsequent years of study.

In both Years 2 and 3 Combined Honours students undertake fully-funded work-based placements, during which you are given the opportunity participate in archaeological research projects in Britain and abroad. In addition, you are be able to choose from a variety of modules spanning a range of time periods and themes. 

Year 1 Archaeology or Archaeology-themed modules


Indicative Year 2 Archaeology or Archaeology-themed modules


Indicative Year 3 Archaeology or Archaeology-themed modules