School of Music and Performing Arts


The School of Music and Performing Arts is vibrant and progressive, with outstanding performance venues and teaching at two campuses – Canterbury and Broadstairs. Our exciting courses are designed to help you develop your skills and talents, whilst preparing you for work in the music and the performing arts industries.

There are music and performing arts events throughout the year, many featuring our talented students.


Dance / Dance Education

Dance students collaborated with the Jasmin Dance Company to create a piece of work called 'The Werewolf'. 

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Students of music benefit from our commitment to a vibrant Arts and Culture programme and are actively involved with a variety of concerts and shows that run throughout the year.

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commercial music

Expert tuition combined with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment ensures our students develop as artists, songwriters or production engineers in line with their specific musical interests.

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Our students gain valuable experience and skills in acting, directing, stage management, applied drama, and contemporary theatre making.

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Performing Arts

Whether your talents are best showcased on stage performing or back stage ensuring those in the spotlight are brilliantly lit we have all the teaching expertise, equipment and facilities you need to flourish in the world of Performing Arts.

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arts and culture 

Our students benefit greatly from the many opportunities our Arts and Culture events provide.

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Various awards are offered to students studying in the School of Music and Performing Arts, including our exciting new choral (£800), organ and conducting (£1000) scholarships that are open to any student at the university.

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Performance Week 2015

In February we focused on the art of performance with a week of concerts and workshops by top professionals, culminating in the Annual Cathedral Concert for our major ensembles.

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Our contemporary facilities in newly refurbished buildings enhance the music education and performance opportunities available to our students, staff, and the community.

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