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ECDL Advanced

The IT Department is currently re-assessing the most effective way of delivering ECDL training and testing for staff and students. Therefore all training is on hold until further notice.

We apologise for the break in service during this period.


Please note we currently offer TESTING ONLY for the four ECDL Advanced modules.  From 1st January 2010, all tests will be based on Syllabus 2.

Who is the qualification suitable for?

ECDL Advanced is a higher-level qualification aimed at staff who have successfully reached ECDL skills levels and wish to further enhance their computer proficiency. However, it is not a pre-requisite that you gain ECDL before enrolling for ECDL Advanced.

The Advanced modules give you the opportunity to become expert in the use of each application, acquiring skills sets over and above the routine features of the software.

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What can I expect to learn?

You can gain an ECDL Advanced certificate in any of the following modules:

  • Word-processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Presentations 

Each Advanced module has been designed as a stand-alone certification in each respective area.  When you successfully complete a module you will be certified as an Advanced user in that application.

This qualification is offered via self-study. Advanced testing sessions are organised on a regular basis via the ECDL Test Centre Manager. Some LTEU ICT Training courses are also delivered in support of the advanced modules.

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Fees for Advanced Modules

  • Staff and students - £32.00 per module (staff may receive funding via Staff Development Office - see below)
  • External candidates - £60.00 per module

The fee for each module must be paid in advance to allow us to register you with the British Computing Society. If you require a re-sit test for an advanced module, the fee is £10.00 (£25 for external candidates).   Sample test papers can be found on the BCS website.

Please note- we will need to ask you for the following information in order to register you as a learner with the BCS for the Advanced ECDL qualification:

  • Title
  • House Name/Number 
  • Post Code 
  • Date of Birth

Funding for Staff

If you are a member of staff at the Institution, you can apply for funding for each of the four tests via the Staff Development Office. You will need to complete a 'Funding Application for Advanced ECDL' form


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Testing Sessions

Testing sessions for ECDL Advanced are organised on demand – you cannot take an ECDL Advanced test during the scheduled ECDL drop in sessions. If you would like to arrange a test for an advanced module please contact the ECDL Test Centre Manager on or telephone (01227) 782808. 

Courseware for Advanced ECDL - CCCU Staff and Students only

If you are a staff member or student at CCCU, you can access the Syllabus and sample papers available on the University network on the P drive at P:/ECDL/ECDL Advanced. The syllabus will indicate to you what skills are required in order to pass each module.

You can also access printable manuals and exercise booklets for ECDL Advanced on our online tutorials page

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