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How much does it cost to be a full-time student?

The cost of living as a student depends on your lifestyle, so it's not possible to say exactly how much you'll spend. Different students have different priorities and spending habits, and these may well need to change once you are at University. However, for most students the biggest cost you will face is for your accommodation. University accommodation fees for next year will range from £83 to £165 per week, so you will need to budget for this. You will also have to think about how much you will spend on food, clothes, laundry, travel to home, university or maybe even placement, and factor in the cost of socialising.

Another cost you will need to bear in mind, and which is usually quite high for students, is your mobile phone. It is a good idea to check your contract when it comes up for renewal to ensure you are on the best deal for you.

Make sure you don’t forget the costs involved in studying – for example, stationary and textbooks, any materials you will need to buy to do your course (NB some courses might be more expensive than others - art and media, for example). You will need to include all of these in your budget.

We would estimate that it would cost between £600 - £750 per month to live as a student – but remember, this will depend very much on your lifestyle and spending habits; some students will live on a lot less than this and others will spend far more.

A full-time student’s monthly costs

Rent £340.00 - £552.00
Food £140.00
Clothing £30.00
Laundry £12.00
Day-to-day costs £30.00
Telephone £18.00
Travel variable
TOTAL £570 - £782 per month

One last thing to remember when you are planning your expenditure - at some point during the second half of the academic year you may well need to put down a deposit and/or some rent towards the following year’s accommodation, so you will need to plan for this and build it into your budget.

Most students need to budget carefully to have sufficient funds to get by financially. Once you know the amount of your income and your rental costs, then sit down and complete a budget planner with all your income and expenditure. In order to get a clear picture you will need to be realistic. If you need some help to do this then the Student Financial Support Administrators at Christ Church have budget planners and daily trackers available for you to use and, once you start at university, we can also help you with money management and budgeting.

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