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St George's Centre

St George's Centre|St George's Centre|St George's Centre|St George's Centre|

Dover Street

Dover Street|Dover Street|Dover Street|Dover Street|

Lanfranc House

Lanfranc House|Lanfranc House|Lanfranc House|Lanfranc House|Lanfranc House|Lanfranc House|Lanfranc House|

North Holmes Road


Parham Road Student Village

Parham Road|Parham Road|Parham Road|Parham Road|Parham Road|Parham Road|parhham|Parham Road|Parham Road|Parham Road|

Pin Hill

Pin Hill|Pin Hill|Pin Hill|Pin Hill|Pin Hill|Parham Road|Pin Hill|Pin Hill|

City Hall

City Halls|

University Houses

Headleased Houses|Headleased Houses|Headleased Houses|Headleased Houses|


Northwood Court


Headleased properties

Broadstairs Headleased Houses|Broadstairs Headleased Houses|Broadstairs Headleased Houses|Broadstairs Headleased Houses|Broadstairs Headleased Houses|Broadstairs Headleased Houses|Broadstairs Headleased Houses|Broadstairs Headleased Houses|


Medway Liberty Quays (from September 2013)

Medway Liberty Quays|Medway Liberty Quays|Medway Liberty Quays|Medway Liberty Quays|Medway Liberty Quays|Medway Liberty Quays|

Medway Headleased Houses

Camden Road Front|16 Trinity Road Lounge|Corporation Road Bathroom|Corporation Road Bedroom|Corporation Road Kitchen|Lesley Road Front|


University accommodation

Canterbury Christ Church University offers you a safe and secure environment to live in during your first year.

All accommodation is self-catering, but for those students that would prefer to be catered for, both St George's and North Holmes Road accommodation offer food outlets on site.

Disabled Students

We can provide adapted rooms suitable for students with a range of disabilities. You are encouraged to visit the accommodation to ensure that they are suitable for your needs. Please contact the Disability Team |to discuss your requirements.

Accommodation for Students on Health Courses

Students on Health courses requiring information about placement accommodation will automatically be enrolled on their Blackboard account to the “Placement Accommodation Information” course.  They will be able to log on to this and get information about locations, prices, how to request and reserve a room and contact details for those hospitals which can offer accommodation to them when they are on placement.

Who can apply?

All our university accommodation is for first year and postgraduate international students. For more information see our How to Apply| pages.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for students wishing to attend short stay courses to apply for accommodation online. Instead, please contact the Accommodation Office via i-zone| by calling +44 (0)1227 782222.

How much will it cost?

Our accommodation is priced to suit a range of budgets according to the size, location and quality of the room and what facilities are available. The price per week for all rooms includes internet, all utility bills and insurance.

Prices for Homestay accommodation vary according to the number of meals taken with the family.

Where is the accommodation?

A full list of our campus accommodation at Canterbury, Medway and Broadstairs can be found at the bottom of this page.

Can I share with my partner?

We have a number of one bedroom flats at Parham Road that can accommodate couples. Your partner does not have to be a student at the University. Please note however, that the licence date for these flats is 50 weeks only.

What is in each bedroom and flat?

All rooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, desk and chair and you are free to bring your own things to make your room, your own personal space. The shared kitchens are equipped with cooker, fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster and kettle. You'll need to bring your own bed linen (including duvet and pillow), towels, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils. For students who may find it difficult to bring these items with them they can be bought easily from local shops on arrival or at the Canterbury Christ Church online shop|.

Internet is available in all rooms. If you wish to watch TV in your own room, either on a TV or on a computer, you will need to buy a TV Licence|.

Which accommodation is right for me?





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