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Background and research interests

Stephen Clift is Professor of Health Education in the Faculty of Health and Social Care, Canterbury Christ Church University, and Research Director of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health. He has worked in the field of health promotion and public health for over twenty-five years, and has made contributions to research, practice and training on HIV/AIDS prevention, sex education, international travel and health and the health promoting school. His current interests relate to arts and heath and particularly the potential value of group singing for health and wellbeing. He is one of the founding editors of Arts & Health: An international journal for research, policy and practice and Honorary President of the Singing Hospitals International Network.

Current and recent projects

  • A cross-national survey of choral singing and health in Australia, England and Germany
  • A systematic mapping of research on singing and health
  • Evaluation of the East Kent 'Singing for Health' Network
  • A randomised controlled trial of community singing groups for older people (Silver Song Clubs)
  • Evaluation of singing groups for people with chronic respiratory illness

Recent publications

  • Clift, S.and Hancox, G. (2001) The Perceived benefits of singing: findings from preliminary surveys with a university college choral society. Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, 121, 4, 248-256.
  • Clift, S. and Hancox, G.(2010) The Significance of Choral Singing for Sustaining Psychological Wellbeing: Findings from a survey of choristers in England, Australia and Germany, Music Performance Research, 3, 1, 79-96.
  • Clift, S. and Morrison, I. (2011) Group singing fosters mental health and wellbeing: Findings from the East Kent 'Singing for Health' Network Project, Mental Health and Social Inclusion 15, 2, 88-97.
  • Clift, S.,Hancox, G., Morrison, I.,Hess, B., Kreutz, G.and Stewart, D. (2010) Choral singing and psychological wellbeing: Quantitative and qualitative findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey, Journal of Applied Arts and Health, 1, 1, 19-34.
  • Clift, S., Nicols, J., Raisbeck, M., Whitmore, C. and Morrison, I. (2010) Group singing, wellbeing and health: A systematic review, The UNESCO Journal, 2, 1.
  • Mackensie, K. and Clift, S. (2008) The MusicStart Project: An evaluation of the impact of a training programme to enhance the role of music and singing in educational settings for children aged three to five years, International Journal of Music Education. 26, 3, 229-242.
  • Murcia, C., Kreutz, G., Clift, S. and Bongard, S. (2010) The wellbeing benefits of dance, Arts & Health: An international journal for research, policy and practice, 2, 2, 149-163.
  • Von Lob, G., Camic, P. and Clift, S. (2010) The use of singing-in-a-group as a response to adverse life events, International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 12, 3, 45-53.

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