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Rita Bento 

PhD Researcher


Background and research interests

Rita graduated from a 5 year degree in Psychology at the School of Psychology, University of Lisbon in 2006. Her dissertation was on the impact of individual variables of reasoning on judgement under uncertainty. During the Spring/Summer of 2007 she worked as an Intern at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Vienna (Austria). Rita was a student in the Masters in Neurosciences (Taught), School of Medicine, University of Lisbon, during the Academic year of 2007/2008. Before coming to the UK to start her PhD, she spent 3 months in Brussels under a research programme on European Policies at the European Parliament.

Rita has now joined the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Music, Arts and Health to develop her PhD project under the supervision of Professor Stephen Clift and Professor Grenville Hancox. 

Rita is interested in studying how music-related activities such as singing, playing an instrument or merely listening to music, influence psychological well-being and health. She is also interested in exploring if being in a group during these activities has any advantage over being alone. For that Rita will be focusing her doctoral research on the effects of active and passive music experience on psychological well-being and its physiological correlates, such as hormonal expressions and cardiac rhythms. 

She has been awarded a grant from the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal) to develop my doctoral project.

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