Social Inclusion Intervention Scheme

The intervention scheme was delivered in collaboration with a professional football team, community wardens, youth workers and police community support officers. The evaluation was co-ordinated by Dr Ruth Rogers and funded by Kent Police, Kent County Council and Kent Fire and Rescue.

The scheme used sport to divert young people away from anti-social activities, raise self-esteem and promote healthy living. It also sought to educate young people about drug misuse, racial awareness and sex education. The project delivered mentoring and football coaching in deprived housing estates, schools, alternative curriculum programmes and pupil referral units.

The Intervention Scheme included:

  • analysis of anti-social behaviour complaint calls at beat level and by week
  • school exclusion and attendance data analysis
  • pre and post strengths and difficulty questionnaires
  • interviews with Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue, steering group members, school staff, football coaches, community workers, youth workers, parents and members of the community and young people
  • observation visits to Pupil Referral Units, schools and housing estates.

Extremely strong qualitative evidence demonstrated that involvement in the scheme led to increased school attendance in young people and that the scheme led to a reduction in anti-social behaviour on the estates where the sessions took place. However, there were issues over the organisation, funding and ultimately the sustainability of the scheme.

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