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Review of the Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC) Participation Fund

Commissioned and funded by the Children's Workforce Development Council, this project is led by Dr Sacha Powell with Joanna Apps and Alison Cogger (POINTED) from the University in partnership with a team of staff and the Young People's Steering Group from Kent Children's Fund Network. (Link to: |)

CWDC's Participation Fund 2007-2010 (Link to: |) was designed to support and enhance the participation of children, young people and their families in workforce development and reform.

The Participation Fund Review is exploring the experiences of those involved in designing and developing the participation projects across England and their views about their impact and legacies. The research has employed a combination of deductive analysis of documentation and resources from the Participation Fund and the projects it supported, supplemented by inductive analysis of narrative interviews that were undertaken with representatives of the funded projects. These include the young people who were involved, their parents and the project staff.

The findings will be reported to CWDC in 2011 and will be presented at the Participate by Right Conference, hosted by KCFN.

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