Scoping the assessment needs of young carers of an adult with a long-term condition

This pilot project, funded by a Knowledge Transfer award, focuses on identifying how young carers' needs can be recognised within adult assessment processes. This project is a collaboration between two colleagues in the research centre: Dr.Lioba Howatson-Jones and Esther Coren.

A literature review has identified that young carers' contributions to caring for an adult often go unnoticed and, as a result, their needs are similarly overlooked.

The project engages a variety of community matrons across Kent in focus groups. The purpose is to map current practice and identify themes of what should be included in the assessment tool.

It is anticipated that the findings from t his project will help to bridge the gap between adult and child services by developing an assessment tool for adult nurses to use when working with a family where a young person is involved in the care of an adult with a long-term condition.

The project will conclude with an inter-professional conference to discuss the findings and to build networks, in order to develop a larger bid looking at compiling the assessed needs of young carers more widely.

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