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Clearing advice from Canterbury Christ Church University

15 August 2005

It is A-levels results day on Thursday 18th August and congratulations will be due to those students whose grades have automatically secured them a university place. However, for some it will mean going through the clearing procedure.


Canterbury Christ Church University’s Director of Admissions, John Slater, would like to offer some tips to ensure the process is as stress free as possible. Mr Slater said: “If your exam results are not quite what you expected, do not worry but plan your strategy. Check with your ‘firm’ choice university to see whether they have accepted you. Often you will find that they will lower the number of points they originally asked for and will still accept you. If they are not prepared to do this, there is still no need to panic, but check whether your insurance offer has been confirmed.”

“If you are still not holding a place, check the UCAS listings in the national press. You will find listings and vacancies from Canterbury Christ Church University among a large number of other universities as well.”

If the programme you are interested in at a University does not appear to be in the vacancy listings. The vacancy situation changes constantly and the programme might not be full.


Mr Slater added: “Have your UCAS application number, clearing entry number and a list of your grades to hand when you telephone the university, and phone the university clearing lines yourself. Prospective students for Canterbury Christ Church University are requested to ring 01227 782900 between 9am and 5pm, as a first point of call for any information or enquiries on clearing, or check the website:

Notes to Editor

Top Tips


1. Remain in contact after the initial approach, leaving contact details and mobile numbers.


2. If you can not find a place on the programme you want to study, either because all the places are full or because your grades are lower than required, do not worry, you may be able to apply through a foundation degree route or apply for a combined honours programme where the UCAS points requirement could be different or there may be an alternative route.


3. Do not rush into anything, ask for time if necessary, the Admissions department will respect that, but don’t leave the decision for too long.


4. If Canterbury Christ Church University is able to offer you a place, we will then help you complete the UCAS form; offer you the opportunity to visit the campus where your programme is offered; meet academic staff from your subject area; tour the campus; and get information about student support facilities including student financial advice if you need it and information on student accommodation.

Canterbury Christ Church University is the largest centre of higher education in Kent for public services – notably teacher training, policing and health and social care. The University is also a significant provider of programmes in a wide range of academic areas within its Faculties of Arts and Humanities and Business and Sciences.


In the most recent survey of UK higher education institutions, the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) placed Canterbury Christ Church joint fourteenth for student employability and 35th for average graduate earnings out of 162 institutions.


From a small independent College of less than five hundred students – all training to be school teachers – in the 1960s, we have grown to a fully fledged university with 14,000 students and 1,000 staff members with campuses in Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Broadstairs and Chatham. Our teaching and learning facility for health, education and policing students at Chatham is part of the Universities At Medway Project in partnership with the Universities of Greenwich and Kent with Mid-Kent College.


As an outward looking University and a Church of England foundation, our mission is to provide excellent academic and professional education underpinned by research, scholarship and creative work and by Christian principles and values.

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