Orchard and Jubilee Walk

Monday 21 May 2012
Ramsey Building, North Holmes Campus, Canterbury
To mark our Golden Jubilee, and 50 years of education at the heart of Canterbury, we are creating a ‘Jubilee Walk’ at the North Holmes Campus.This nature walk will include a small orchard of rare apple varieties and Kentish cobs. It will celebrate Christ Church’s long history on a site which stands on the outer precincts of St Augustine’s Abbey. The Abbey was founded in AD 597 as a centre of learning.The orchard also represents the first stage of an initiative to protect our natural environment, whilst celebrating the cultural heritage of the Canterbury UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS).All will be able to enjoy this Jubilee Walk after the unveiling in May by Dr David Bellamy OBE.
Paul Sims, Grounds and Gardens Manager
Professor Peter Vujakovic, Chair of the Education for Sustainable Futures (ESF) Committee